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Two Yanks and a Brit UK 2016

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We were commissioned by Fentimans to produce an ongoing series of online commercials every friday

to promote the brand. All works will fall under the '#FentimansFriday' tag for branding and association.


We've completed seven so far and shall be varying up the content each friday with snazzy short clips, 'how to?' segments and content focusing on produce and quality inherent to the Fentimans brand.


Stay tuned for release...


Shot with Sony FS7 and Canon Cine Prime lenses.



Production Company: Two Yanks and a Brit UK

Client: Fentimans

Project: #Fentimans Friday

#Fentimans Friday


1. #Fentimans Friday - 'Toasted Rose'

2. #Fentimans Friday - 'The Red Mule'

3. #Fentimans Friday - '58 Gin & Tonic'